Here at Twine, we're more than just a freelancing platform. We're a global community of over 400,000 freelancers, with a mission to empower and inspire creatives everywhere.

🤩 So, are you up for a challenge!? 🤩

We have a brand new and exciting project - helping you beat that dreaded artist block and show off those creative skills! If you're looking for a weekly dose of fun and inspiration, to get you out of that high-stress mindset, then here it is - The Twine Illustration Challenge! 🥳

✨☀️ And you're ALL invited! ☀️✨

No matter what your medium or how long you've been creating - whether you're a painter, graphic designer or anything in between - we're excited to see all of your designs! Our illustration challenge is just for fun - no competition required, we're simply celebrating our fellow creatives and supporting each other in the Twine community.

We can't wait to see what you come up with! 😍 🙌🏽

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